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U.S. Federal Census Records 1790-1930. We sell digital copies of the original census records.

Digital images that you can view on your PC!

If your ancestors lived within the U.S. during the last 200 plus years, census records are the fastest research tool you can use to locate them. Taken every 10 years since 1790, federal censuses have become the standard for finding lost ancestors, nothing else even comes close. And now, with our DVDs and online download service, you won't even have to leave the comfort of your home.

Census Images With A Difference

DCS provides the highest quality U.S. Federal digital census records available! Compare our images and we think you'll agree they are the best! COMPARISON IMAGE

Why Our Images Are Better

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1. National Archive Silver Master Microfilms

We use only National Archive Silver Master Microfilms and scan them at
10 TIMES the resolution of our closest competitor.

2. Eye Popping Image Quality!

High resolution scans, combined with our 4-step enhancement process results in eye popping images! Images that are better than the microfilm from which they were scanned. A difference you will come to appreciate when attempting to read poorly filmed census records.

3. We are the low-cost leader!

Our high resolution images and low-price are an unbeatable combination! Simply put, no one provides higher quality images at a lower price!

And for those who don't have access to a high speed internet connection, we provide the same images on DVD. So now everyone can enjoy researching the U.S. census records and do it in record time.

So what's wrong with your current digital census images?

How To Order

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Orders can be placed via our online catalog. Federal census records from 1790 - 1930 are available for purchase on DVD or by internet download.

Order Now and take advantage of our special limited-time introductory price.

(Sale price may end at any time.)

Additional Records Are Coming!

DCS is in the process of acquiring a huge number of census and other types of records to be offered as a part of our service. Coming soon are:

  • Harper's Weekly Magazine (1861-1865, the Civil War years)
  • Mexican Border Crossings
  • U.S. Ward Maps 1850-1930
  • State and Federal Census indexes 1790-1930

Please contact us if there are other microfilmed records you would like to see us make available. When possible, we will try to accomodate your wishes.